TIKTOKKelley Johnson (@heyitskelley)

The most interesting thing about Cherokee Uniforms? The people who wear them. Healthcare professionals make a tremendous contribution to society everyday – and our goal is to be their champion. We hear their struggles, their successes, wants and needs, and it’s our privilege to support them for the past 25+ years and counting.

Cherokee Uniforms wouldn’t be the world’s most popular scrubs brand without our community. Which is why we’re sharing inspiring #teamcherokeefam stories here, and championing the causes near and dear to their hearts.

Kelley Johnson, a longtime member of the Cherokee scrubs family, is a true force for good. We first met Kelley after she delivered a powerful monologue on the impact of nurses as Miss Colorado in the 2015 Miss America competition.

After her monologue sparked controversial comments from hosts on “The View,” Kelley used the moment to spark a movement. She spearheaded the #NursesUnite campaign and brought the nursing profession together on social media.

As Kelley continued her nursing education, she stoked the fire she had lit, representing and advocating for the profession of nursing on a national level. Now a Family Nurse Practitioner, Kelley also works as Chief Nursing Advocate for Wanderly, and is the National Spokeswoman and Scrubs Ambassador for Careismatic Brands, Cherokee Uniforms’ parent company.

QUESTION: What drew you to nursing?
Kelley: I lost my father to colon cancer when I was 4 years old, and I truly just wanted to help other families that were going through tragedies to take some of the pain, pressure, and overall trauma away from them. After joining the profession, I’ve learned that I really enjoy taking care of people and I love celebrating all the positive and happy moments just as much as being there for people during the difficult ones.

You’ve been an advocate for the healthcare community from the very beginning. Why is that important to you?
I never thought that this would be my career when I started nursing school, but after Miss America when I traveled the country defending our profession and standing up for nurses, I realized that we really needed someone to do it. I also realized our representation in a lot of areas nationwide was lacking, and that I wanted to spend my career advocating for our profession and nurse inclusion in hospital policy and functioning. Nurses work incredibly hard, and there is not always time to advocate for ourselves outside of work. I advocate for those who cannot and for a profession that has long deserved more recognition, respect, and appreciation: both publicly and in the healthcare space.

What advice do you have for new nurses?
Ask questions. It’s so important for new nurses to utilize the experience and expertise of nurses around them. It’s vital to patient safety and growth in your first couple of years as a nurse to set aside your ego and keep safety at the forefront of everything you do. If you do not feel comfortable asking other nurses around you, utilize your resources and managers.

What’s been your most meaningful experience doing so thus far?
I think public speaking will always be my most meaningful experience in the healthcare space. I get to truly inspire nurses and share stories of encouragement from other nurses around the country. I get to share how we’re advocating for change within our profession, and remind nurses how much of the healthcare community is actively working to further our profession as a whole. It’s so important to me to encourage our bedside nurses as often as possible. Nurses are true heroes, and to get to share all the ways the world is noticing and reacting to that is an honor.

What are your favorite Cherokee Uniforms collections?

  • Euphoria feels like butter. So soft, so comfortable, it’s like wearing jammies. Plus, it was made by and for healthcare providers during the pandemic.
  • Tooniforms has all the cartoon, and character lines! So adorable, so fun to wear, and tons of options.
  • FORM feels designer, is comfortable, has tons of color options and thick fabric. It fits really well and has tons of pockets.