Celebrate your achievement with a set of scrubs invented by nurse entrepreneur Stacey Tatroe.

RNs are often visually camouflaged in their surroundings, even in a color-coded environment where patients, family members and physicians may not be familiar with the "code."

Stacey Tatroe, an Atlanta ER nurse, had a vision to change this. She designed and created scrubs that allow RNs to be proudly distinguished. Her scrubs were so popular with fellow RNs that she partnered with Cherokee Uniforms to create RN I.D. Scrubs.

Stacey believes that your nursing uniform should celebrate the title, hard work and the pride that you have in your license, education, knowledge, experience and abilities. You earned the "RN" after your name. Now there's a uniform that lets you wear it.

Read an interview with Stacey Tatroe on scrubsmag.com

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